Divi E-Commerce Free Page Layouts

Divi E-Commerce Free Page Layouts

The Divi Layout

LUVD Divi Ecommerce Page Template, known as divi premade layouts, are pre-designed and pre-made modules, rows, sections and elements that are compiled into a page layout for web designers to load into their Divi library.Use with the Divi Theme for an instant homepage or use for the basic design and layout of a one page site. It’s designed to make the life of web designers so much easier. For best results use the layout as is so as not to interfere with the coding.

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1.  Import Divi LUVD Home Page Template

Download the Divi Theme  from Elegantthemes.com then go to dashboard import divi into your dashboard

If you’ve never used Divi, you can use my affiliate link to get it here:

Divi WordPress Theme



Install Divi Plugins: Go to  | Dashboard | Plugins | Add New | Install Plugin | Activate Plugins

Install Divi Theme: Go to  | Dashboard | Apearance | Themes | Install Plugin | Activate Plugins

Install Theme png

Divi Theme Pages

  • Home Page
  • Wome Products Page
  • Men Products Page
  • About Page

Import Home page layout into your divi theme

How to import divi Page Layout follow my instructions

Pages – Add New Page – Home

Download All Divi Page Layouts for free

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1. Change Home Page

change Hero Slider

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